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    Can Birth Photography be Beautiful?

    Angie Petersen -Desire to Inspire Photography

    Birth Photography is beautiful, It is not Gory, Gross or distasteful as some might believe. But what is beautiful about birth photography? What emotions do you capture? You have to see it to understand it.

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  • An Insight into Why Women Want their Birth Photographed

    I wanted to share with you a quick little insight into the reasons my clients chose to hire a birth photographer – knowing why is so important!

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  • Questions to ask a Birth Photographer

    So, you’re interested in having a birth photographer document the arrival of your little one. I get many enquiries into my services, but the line of questioning I’m asked straight up is “How much do you charge?”

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  • New and Aspiring Photographers- get it right from the start!

    I’ve posted about this before, but after photographing my 30th birth today, I just wanted to reiterate my point because I’m picking up some negativity filtering through from all sides about new birth photographers and the impact they are having on this industry.

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  • How to be a great Birth Photographer? Raising the Bar

    Birth photography – it’s amazing, inspiring, emotional, powerful, heart wrenching, empowering…

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  • © Victoria Berekmeri

    What is the value of Birth Photography?

    With passion in my heart and honesty in my eyes, it’s the question I answer for each and every client before they even need to ask it.

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